Indoor skydiving…Flying without the fear of death


Are you terrified of heights? Are you scared the drop from 14,000 feet might be too much to handle? Or is the fear of suddenly impacting the ground at terminal velocity the end of the conversation when someone talks about skydiving?


Here is the solution,indoor skydiving with iFly.

Zozo at 4 years of age loves it. Jules loves it and guess what so do I.


If you haven’t seen this before? Basically it’s a giant fan mounted under a cage. You launch yourself into a wind tunnel using your body to gain lift and make turns.

I had found the freefall from my skydiving adventure a little too much but I knew I needed to give this another shot so indoor skydiving made the Life List.

Jules, Zozo and I used some Adrenalin vouchers which we secure through a rewards program attached to our credit card. I will write a post about this as a method to help you achieve more of your goals.

Every bit of this adventure is cool right from the get go. It starts with a really great well-fitting flight suit, open face helmet and goggles. We get dressed and Zozo spends the next 10 mins jumping off anything she can yelling at the top of her voice “wanna see me fly?”


Face down on a table with wheels

We proceed into the training room and watch a short video that gives us the basics. Each of us in turn are placed on a flat bench that has wheels on the legs. We assume the position with an arched back our arms and legs spread out in the starfish position. The flight instructors then move our arms and legs to mimic the positions needed during our flight. Jules is listening and taking it all in, I’ve been through this all before so I know what to expect and Zozo just wants to fly, so it’s in one ear and out the other with her.


Lets’ go flying


To go flying you need to enter the anti-chamber which is the waiting area with some seats. We are each to get 2 flights, between your flights you sit here waiting your turn. Zozo is the first to enter the flight chamber with the instructor. I am quite simply amazed with regards to how well she does.


It’s my turn, I step into the chamber and I have to tell you the force of the wind is very brutal. Quickly I find my balance and I’m able to hold a fairly nice shape. This allows me to belly fly quite well. It’s a basic very static first flight. I ask the instructor a few questions on how to get some lift and rotation. My second flight is a lot more fun as I cup  my hands and flex my feet. This sends me into a flat spin, with a minor correction I am able to control the spin and start rotating in the opposite direction.

I am loving this.

Unfortunately It’s all over too soon. We all had a blast. We may have created a monster with Zoe as she can’t stop talking about flying to the roof.


Family fun from 3 to 103


This experience is built for anyone who wants to fly like a bird. The flight instructors are awesome and you really walk out with a huge smile on your dial. Age is no restriction, the only thing holding you back is YOU.

The This Life List team ready to go indoor skydiving

Indoor skydiving another This Life List adventure checked off