How to write a list guide

How to write a life list

A life list…your “how to” guide

Pick up a pen, get some paper, write down some things you want to do….seriously how hard is it?

The process can be this simple, but will you complete those goals?

This is where you need a plan. A bucket list or as I like to call it my “Life List” is more than just a long list of things to do. I have spent hours researching what is important to me. I have chosen experiences that are my “blue chip” goals (life changing, often very expensive and time consuming) along with some very simple experiences. The reason I have a mix of goals is explained in more detail in “Why you should write a bucket list”. Most notably I feel it is important  for you to feel a sense of achievement by checking off goals. By checking off goals you will be more motivated to continue having new experiences.


With this in mind here is my guide to creating your own Life List.


Okay lets do this Life List


Step 1: Decide if you want to make a list.

Don’t make a list because someone tells you to, or you think it sounds like it MIGHT be a good idea. You need to commit to making YOUR list. You need to invest in the process for success.

As an example we all watch in amazement every four years when the Olympics roll around. We wish we could win a gold medal for our country and ourselves. Those athletes don’t just show up every four years to compete. They are fully committed to the process which takes years.  They train, and learn and condition and compete.

If you truly want to create a change in your life you need to commit.

Most people will not even reach step two. If you don’t make a change nothing will happen.

Make the commitment


Step 2: Write your list.

Commit it to paper. It doesn’t matter how you do this. Old school pen and paper, make a spreadsheet if you like. Whatever makes you comfortable. Just get it down and use it as a visual aid.

Treat it like your road map to get from point A, where you are now, to point B where you would like to be.

Formulate the plan


Step 3: Action Steps.

Now you have a list, give it action steps for each goal. Does your goal require any training? Do you need to get another person involved to assist you? Do you need to save money to complete the goal? Is your goal seasonal? By nominating your action steps you can anticipate issues and also prepare yourself to fully action your goal.

Each action step may require further action steps. This way you can gain momentum and it also acts as further motivation.

Take Action


Step 4: Write down a due date as this will help you control progress.

I see it all the time when I speak to people about their Life List. They start out so excited about completing all their bucket list goals. It is always a collection of amazing and inspiring dreams. They talk passionately about experiencing all their life long desires. It excites me too.

We will talk a few months later.  I ask them how they went chasing their dreams and I will get a response like “I just lost interest.”

That’s a head scratcher for me. You have a life long desire to do something yet you lost interest???

The issue is a lack of planning, no investment in the process and no direction.


I hope this post inspires, motivates or assists you to follow the process and create your Life List?

Why not write your own Life List today?