Here is a list of all the really worthy experiences I have had over my 48 years. Some completed well before I even knew about bucket lists. Some I got really excited about and some I am happy I completed but won’t ever try them again.

Lee’s completed goals in no particular order

  1. Ride a unicycle
  2. Hit some balls in a batting cage
  3. Dine in the dark
  4. Horseback ride on the beach
  5. Indoor Skydivng
  6. Downhill mountain biking
  7. Ride a tandem bikeTandem Bike adventure
  8. Have a try at Stand up paddle board
  9. Experience the high flying trapeze
  10. Jump in a pool in a suit
  11. Learn to juggle
  12. Try Indoor rock climbing
  13. Compete in an ocean swim
  14. Go zip-lining
  15. Hand feed a stingray
  16. cycle over 200 kms in a day
  17. Go surfing with 300 other people dressed as Santa on Christmas EveLee at the Cresent Head Santa Surf 2014
  18. Paddle an outrigger canoe
  19. Dive at Malapascua Island 
  20. Compete at the World Masters games
  21. Travel to Scotland
  22. Visit Edinburgh Castle
  23. Ride an Elephant (swim with an elephant)
  24. Eat at one of the Top 10 restaurants in the world
  25. Have a drink at one of the roof bars in Bangkok
  26. Travel to Myanmar
  27. Be in the front row of a concert
  28. Walk on a suspension bridge
  29. Complete a triathlon
  30. Raise $10,000 for charity
  31. Drive in a race car (V8)
  32. Visit Fraser Island
  33. Climb a mountain and be on top of the cloudsTop of the mountain
  34. Get a significant tattoo ( Zoe’s name on my arm)
  35. Rope swing into water
  36. Travel to Thailand
  37. Visit the temples of Bagan (Myanmar)
  38. Ride a camel
  39. Travel to the Philippines
  40. Wear a snake around my neck (yes it was alive)
  41. Go Paragliding
  42. Eat Pho in Vietnam
  43. Ride a bull at a rodeo ( my personal biggest achievement to date)
  44. Sleep overnight on a junk in Halong Bay Vietnam
  45. Appear on TV (game show contestant a few times)
  46. Fly in a helicopterLee Burrows from This Life List and the Helicopter Captain
  47. Ride in a jet-boat
  48. Go surfing
  49. Try White water rafting
  50. Visit Rottnest Island
  51. See the Pinnacles in Western Australia
  52. Hold a bird of prey on my armLee and the bird of prey
  53. Dive with sharks (an aquarium dive with grey nurse sharks)
  54. Snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef
  55. Hand feed a crocodile
  56. Climb Uluru
  57. Walk through the Olgas
  58. Get blessed at the Shwedagon Pagoda in Myanmar
  59. Skydiving
  60. Have a 4wd sand dune adventure
  61. Try sand-boarding
  62. Caddy for a professional golfer in a tournament
  63. Paddle down the Mekong river in a dugout canoe
  64. Climb the Sydney Harbour BridgeLee and Julie Bridge Climb
  65. Eat Kangaroo testicles
  66. Experience a sunrise in the desert
  67. Paddle a kayak through Katherine GorgeKatherine Gorge
  68. Hold a baby crocodile
  69. Swim under a waterfall
  70. Go to the summer Olympics as a spectator
  71. Swim with Sea turtles
  72. Go wakeboarding
  73. Try a Bungee JumpLee Bungy at AJ Hackett Kuta Bali
  74. Do a nudie run
  75. Have a boxing fight
  76. Ride a jet-ski
  77. Eat noodles in the night market in Singapore
  78. Get lost in Bali
  79. Attend an NHL game
  80. Road Trip across the USA
  81. Drive down Lombard St in San Francisco
  82. Compete in an ocean swim
  83. Jump off a cliff into water
  84. Go surfing naked
  85. Learn to sailSailing in Pittwater NSW on Kama 3
  86. Scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef
  87. Drink a yard of ale
  88. Break a board with my feet and fist
  89. Climb a coconut tree in Fiji
  90. Attend an MLB game
  91. Go to Disneyland
  92. Eat pizza in New York
  93. Have a white Christmas in Canada
  94. Try archery

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