Treading water….my ocean swim adventure

There is something spiritual about a sunrise over the ocean.

Golden beams of light dancing on the water as the sky opens and the nights darkness is washed away. Like the birth of a new child, it fills you with hope and inspiration. My feelings exactly as I stand on Manly Beach for my first ocean swim.

It’s been a good number of years since I swam any further than the pool bar at the Anantara Resort in Thailand. I was facing a daunting 1.5 kilometres of open ocean swimming but my mind was at peace, I could do nothing more than admire mother nature’s beauty.

I was at Manly to join 300 other like-minded swimmers as part of the Bold & Beautiful Swim Squad. The swim was from Manly to Shelly Beach a distance of 750 metres in each direction. The great part is every swimmer has a bright pink swim cap and with the vast number of swimmers together in the water it really is an amazing sight.

I am invited to join the group by my good friend Bruce who makes this swim regularly. He fills me with confidence telling me the crowd will drag me along even if I get tired. I am pumped.

Budgie Smugglers…..mmmm do I have to?

I am a board shorts kind of guy. Swanning around in a pair of Speedos is not really a comfortable thing for me, but there is no way I am swim 1.5 kms in a pair of boardies. I’m likely to drown for vanities sake.

I whip off my shorts and grab my swim goggles it’s time to hit the water, the temp is a lovely 22 deg C. With the sun rising rapidly we set off, all 300 swimmers. The calm sea quickly turns to chop as arms and feet mash the water. I swim over one person and rubbed shoulders with countless others before I found a rhythm and some open water. The clean water allows me to power on towards Shelly Beach. I make it to the halfway point, and recover on the shore filming a wave of pink caps advance the beach like a colony of seals. I’ve swum the first leg quite well, but am pretty beat up. The second leg has me a little nervous.

Is that gun in your pocket?

The journey home is low key as I hugged the coastline and I spend my time taking in all the sea life like some pretty big fish. A couple of bull rays and some interesting seascapes. I arrive back on Manly beach as one of the last of the stragglers. Happy to be on land and able to relax. All in all I’ve had a fabulous time and this is something I will definitely do again. Although I will not be taking my Go Pro next time as it was very uncomfortable shoved into my speedos for the journey.

Lee ocean swim

Ocean swim another This Life List adventure checked off