What inspired me to create This Life List?


Launching from the platform over Kuta Beach


At the age of 47 I had a moment of reflection. Actually it was more of an emotional breakdown.

I am living the  Australian  dream, I have a loving family, my own home, a good job, I’m healthy and still playing soccer on the weekends. What is missing? Why aren’t I content?

To find the answer I reflected on my happiest moments in life, and an overriding theme emerged. I love new experiences! Everything remembered from learning to surf, travelling, the birth of my daughter, trying of foods and meeting people was all about experiencing something new.

A quick web search made me realise i’m not alone, from studies by Lifehacker to articles new by Wanderlust and the ones stretching back to 1988 by The New York Times people need excitement in their life, mine comes from experiencing NEW.  I like NEW. It’s exciting, it has the potential to be anything.

Right then and there I started making a list for this life of new experiences I wanted to have. The list started small and grew very quickly into THIS LIFE LIST.

THIS LIFE LIST will be different for everyone, some like me want adventure and excitement, others may want solitude and spirituality or arts and culture, the important thing is you have a list for THIS LIFE, as we only get one shot at it!

Follow my journey as I look to embrace all that THIS LIFE has to offer through as many different, unique, difficult, strange and exciting experiences as I can.

That is my Story. What’s yours?



Lee on top of Uluru completing some of This Life List

I hope I inspire YOU to write your own list and live your life to its fullest.