50 NEW experiences before I’m 50

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Last year I completed 52 experiences  in 52 weeks. Which let me tell you was quite the challenge. I am rapidly approaching my 50th birthday in October 2018. To commemorate this milestone I will be having a birthday celebration with friends and family in Thailand. Prior to the party I have selected 50 NEW experiences I would like to have before I turn 50. 

Yeah thats right 50 new challenges for me to complete in 10 months. This is going to be one hectic year. The challenges/experiences are a mix of simple and complex activities but all are ones I have never before tried. I am really looking forward to enjoying these moments.

You may notice a lot of them overlap with my current Life List, these are the ones I think I can achieve in the time frame.


50 NEW experiences I would like to have before I turn 50 the list

  1. Abseil down a cliff
  2. Try rockclimbing
  3. Publish a children’s book
  4. Try fencing
  5. Do a welding class
  6. Have a flyboard/jetpack ride
  7. Travel to Phuket Thailand
  8. Go deep sea fishing
  9. Do a jump on a wakeboard
  10. Eat a snake
  11. Fly in a glider
  12. Eat Foie Gras
  13. Complete and obstacle/mud run
  14. Do a stunt fall into an airbag
  15. Fire a gun
  16. Go to a nudist beach
  17. Take Zozo surfing for the first time  (3/1/2018)
  18. Ride an underwater scooter
  19. Go on a cruise
  20. Spend a weekend on a houseboat
  21. Jump a motorcross bike
  22. Go downhill mountain biking
  23. Shave my head
  24. Sleep in a lighthouse
  25. Walk Bondi to Bronte along the coast
  26. Swim in the figure of 8 pool in the National Park
  27. view the stars at the observatory in Sydney
  28. See a ballet (and not fall asleep)
  29. Kayak on Sydney Harbour
  30. Eat bagel and lox
  31. Sing a song with a live band in front of a crowd (my biggest fear)
  32. Sail in a regatta
  33. Kayak Phang Nga Bay
  34. Go roller skating at a rink 70’s style
  35. Go to comic con in character
  36. Be an extra on a movie
  37. Ride on a segway
  38. Make an important decision with a coin toss
  39. Go hunting
  40. Drive a sprint car
  41. Try geocaching  (1/1/2018)
  42. Launch my business and earn my first $
  43. Try kitesurfing
  44. Forage for food and eat it
  45. Sleep a night in a hammock
  46. Ride a Harley Davidson
  47. Photograph Lightning properly
  48. See Phi Phi island
  49. Scuba dive a shipwreck
  50. Go white water rafting in Thailand


I would love to stay and tell you more about whats happening but I have so much to organise and lots of activities to immerse myself in.


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